Specializing in Mineral Exploration and Water Bores

Mineral Exploration

Stolzenberg Drilling continues to expand its capabilities in the mineral exploration field with having all multi-purpose drilling rigs.  We are strongly committed to this field, now having RC, Air Core and diamond drilling rigs.  Our drillers are very experienced and professional.  Our safety standards are stringent and we work closely with our clients to achieve the best results for all. 

Mineral Exploration Queensland
T4 drilling rig doing rc drilling
Diamon Drilling
B80 drilling rig doing diamond coring
Drilling Core
Diamond Core
Diamond drilling with diamond core on the table

T4 Ingersoll Drilling Rig

Ingersoll Rand T4W drillmaster
900 cfm 250 psi on board compressor
Powered by V12 71 TT detroit engine
Water and Foam Injection
Piped for high pressure air.


RC drilling 300 metres with 4 ½ remet drill pipe.
Chip sampling 1100 metres.
Angle drilling.
Conventional drilling 1100 metres.
Mines inspected 2011.

B80L  Atlas Copco Drilling Rig

Multi Purpose Drilling Rig
900 cfm 250 psi on board compressor
Powered by B8 92T detroit engine
Water and Foam Injection
Hydraulic powered by 671 detroit
Piped for high pressure air
Mines inspection 2011.


RC drilling 200 metres with 4 inch remet drill pipe
Chip Sampling 300 metres
Angle Drilling
Conventional Drilling 300 metres
Diamond Coring HQ NQ PQ.

High Pressure Air Compressors

Elgi silenced unit 1150cfm  350 psi

Ingersoll Rand  XHP 1500 cfm 350 psi         Low pressure
                         XXHP 1270 cfm 500 psi       High Pressure


Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding your mineral exploration enquiry, we will be only happy to discuss your requirements.