Specializing in Mineral Exploration and Water Bores

Safety and Environment


Stolzenberg Drilling are committed to a “zero harm” policy, whereby we insist upon safe and sensible work practices.  Employees are trained and encouraged to identify hazards, managing the risks associated with drilling.  They are provided with the necessary equipment and training to do this, which falls under the company safety policy.

Our safety policy aims to;
  • Achieve an accident free workplace
  • Ensure health and safety is used in all planning and work activities
  • Provide continuous education to our employees in safe work practices
  • Identify and eliminate hazards, or have controls in place
  • Ensure incidents are prevented

The success of the policy is dependent upon;
  • Pro-active planning of work activities
  • Ensuring the team is committed to meeting it’s objectives
  • Open and honest communication between management and employees

We have an enviable safety record which we strive constantly to maintain.


Stolzenberg Drilling are aware of any impact we have on the environment, and have systems in place to ensure this is minimal.  All rigs are equipped with spillage control devices, and employees are trained in identification of environmental hazards.  We do everything possible to leave a site as we found it, and are respectful of conservation issues.