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Water Bores

Australia is the driest continent in the world, and water is a vital natural resource we all need.

With water such a huge issue at present, there has never been a better time to talk to us regarding a water bore on your property.

A good water bore will add value to your property, as well as the peace of mind a regular water supply can bring. There are two main types of water bores.

Stock and Domestic

Most of this work is for small acerage, ranging the depth from 40 to 300 ft. This is as the name suggests suitable for stock or domestic use.

Firstly a site investigation is carried out with the client and Stolzenberg Drilling representative Kevin Stolzenberg which a possible bore location is found.

A test hole is drilled to see if water is suitable for the clients requirements. If the water is suitable then the hole is cased with 125mm class 9 slotted pvc casing and capped at the bottom and top of the bore. The bore is then gravel packed with 5 – 7 mm river gravel which acts as a screen or filter. Then the bore is cemented on the outer side of the casing.

All bores have to be done to the minimum construction requirements for water bores in Australia. To ensure long life a bore must be carefully designed and properly constructed.

Please contact us for our bore information sheet and a booklet on the requirements of a water bore.

Irrigation Bores

These are larger diameter bores with larger water flow for the purpose of irrigation. This work is very specialised and time consuming, so it is best to discuss any desire for an irrigation bore with Kevin Stolzenberg.

The cost of an irrigation bore will vary considerably depending on size and materials used.

We have four rigs capable of drilling water bores, but we experience a high demand so it is advisable to give plenty of notice in your interest to have a bore drilled on your property.

All bores are done by a experienced licensed driller and a drill log is issued on completion of the bore. All bores are constructed to guidelines set down by the Department of Natural Resources.

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